Astrology is one of the traditional methods of divination, which is completely based upon theory of the locations and positions of the supernal heavenly bodies like planets, sun, moon, and the stars during the birth of an individual. While describing astrology with respect to psychological outline, it is a kind of new age therapy that is practiced for personality examination and self-understanding. Though describing in both stipulations, astrology is a reflection of magical thinking.

While most people describe astrology as supernal belief, it is described as a method of exemplifying reality. As a fact, astrology will be described with different connotation by several different people. A well researching scientist or fashion loved modernist will merely describe astrology as a simple concept and toughest part of science. Few people consider it as a mesmerizing art, ability, spiritual facts, psychological practice, or even as a religion. While discussing in reality, astrology is something that could be implemented with exact time of birth and the place of birth. Astrology is common to all living beings! Even your pet dog has its future presaged, if you get to know its place of birth and time of birth.

For all these reasons, astrology is set to be a blend of several themes of emotion. All these confusions prevailing, people get into confusion on what to believe and what not to believe. How would you behave if someone tells you the date and time of your death, without knowing things about your style of living? That would be really scaring people out from their wits. The right birth time and place of a person will help an astrologist to calculate his/her death date! Though all these information is shared, some might believe astrology whereas some never trust all these facts. Astrology is the influencing of natural heavenly bodies and it is described as a symbolic representation of exemplifying reality.

There are several branches in horoscopic astrology. They are described here as follows:

Basically astrology horoscope could be categorized into 4 branches that will be directed with particular field or subject. All these branches make use of specific technical approach with various applications including the core precept of system in various areas.

Natural Astrology is an examination of an individual birth chart, which acquires information about the person's life understandings.

Katarchic Astrology is a method of practice that includes electional & event astrology. This astrology will assist in determining the precious right moment to initiate a business enterprise. It also describes the best moment to set the event of the work.

Horary Astrology is a practice that is used to give answers for several queries of educational chart.

Mundane Astrology which is otherwise called as world astrology is an application that deals with worldly or universal events like earthquakes, weather, empire, religion, and many more.

The above discussed are the several branches of astrology and all these types hold its uniqueness and individualism.

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