Astrology Compatibility

Astrological compatibility, also called synastry, is a division of astrology which studies the romantic compatibility of couples by comparing their natal horoscopes.

A natal horoscope is simply a chart, map, or a graph containing an approximation of the positions of the different heavenly bodies at the exact time and date of one's birth. The 12 signs of the Zodiac themselves embody the 12 different types of spiritual energy. While the planets, at the same time, are identified as either the ruling or minor influential bodies of the different zodiac signs.

The astrological compatibility assessment or romantic compatibility test is based on the relationships of the varying patterns and distributions of energy in both the individual and combined natal charts.

The relationship or interconnectedness between the various planets, the zodiac signs (referred to as the types of energy) and the houses (which means the different sectors of the natal chart) are all explained in simple and easy to understand words, and often come with corresponding numerical ratings or percentages, to show the extent or to what degree, how, and in what ways one person may be compatible or incompatible with his or her romantic partner.

For a deeper analysis, let's a look at romantic compatibility assessments from the point of view of western or modern astrology.

Relationships, as we all know, are very complex parts of human life. As many people strive and continuously desire to attain harmony and balance in the many aspects of their romantic relationships, the ideal balance seems to elude most couples.

They not only want romantic love but also erotic love, honor love, as well as spiritual love - and just from one person. It takes an experienced astrologer to be able to identify the various "love needs and abilities" of each individual, simply by looking at the patterns in each partner's horoscope.

Bear in mind though, that when astrologers speak of aspects, they are pertaining to the relationships between the planets or their different energies. This is because each of us has aspects or relationships to the planets in our birth (natal) charts since these represent our psychological strengths, weaknesses, natural talents, inclinations, and even our personal demons.

In the study of synastry or chart comparisons, the different aspects illustrate areas of ease and compatibility between the couple, as well as the possible areas of challenge or sources of future incompatibilities between them.

If we were to look at horoscope compatibility as simply finding the perfect match, then logically, the most compatible person for anyone would be his or her astrological twin. Your astrological twin is another person who was born at the exact same date, place, and time as you.

If synastry compatibility can be thought of as how harmonious a relationship is, then the most compatible aspect should be the conjunction. That is Aries is with Aries, Taurus with Taurus, etc.

Some people may think that this situation would be perfect - two peas in a pod, right? However, most astrologers do say that individuals are put on earth to balance or counteract each other's strengths and weakness, basically smoothening out the partner's rough edges. As they say, too much of even what appears as a perfect thing, can often lead to disaster. After all, what's exciting or appealing about being in a relationship with yourself?

So don't despair if you and your partner have a less than perfect astrological compatibility reading. There's plenty of time and room to be able to work those kinks out.

Remember that a healthy and positive synastry between two natal charts is just one part of having a good relationship. What's more important is for the couple to learn how to work together and complement one another's strengths and weaknesses to create a healthy and long-lasting romantic synergy.

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