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Chandra - The Moon

Chandra, the Moon, is a lunar God. The word "Chandra" denotes bright and shining. Chandra has a very important place in Hinduism and Vedic astrology. In fact, unlike the west, the horoscopes are made as per the moon sign in Vedic astrology, thus emphasizing the importance of Chandra in the Hindu religion.

Chandra is picturised as a young, beautiful, and fair person who has two arms holding a lotus and a club. He is said to ride a chariot pulled by ten horses or an antelope. The rabbit is also associated with Chandra and is said to be protected by him. Some say the association with the rabbit could be because of the speed as Chandra jumps quicker than the other grahas.

Chandra is said to be loving and universally appealing to all of them, from elders to children. His coolness brings happiness to one and all.

Chandra is the father of another deity, Budha. Chandra is said to be married to Rohini, Anuradha, and Bharani.

Chandra is referred to by many names as follows:

  • Rajanipati
  • Soma
  • Indu
  • Kshuparaka
  • Shashi

As per the Vedic astrology, Chandra represents one's mind. He represents the senses and the way they perceive life. Chandra is supposed to balance the fire of Surya, the Sun. Chandra constitutes mind, emotions, mother, food, water, and nourishment. The Kataka rashi is usually dominated by Chandra. He is at the top in Vrishabha rashi and at the lowest in Vrishchika rashi.

During the birth of a person, the angle at which Chandra is present determines certain periods called Maha Dashas.

Chandra's position in the horoscope speaks a lot about one's mother. It indicates the relationship with the mother, and nourishment and the needs fulfilled by the mother.

It is said that if Chandra is dominant in one's horoscope, then the person will have stable mental state, very good concentration skills, and complete satisfaction. On the other hand, if one's horoscope shows a weak Chandra, then usually mental and physical health problems, and emotional problems are reflected. These negative effects of the Chandra being weak in a birth chart can be overcome by meditation, peaceful, and simple living especially closer to the nature.

The astrology states that based on the position of Chandra in a horoscope, lot of conclusions on the character of the person like emotions, feelings, and relationship can be reached.

Scientific astrological research has indicated that people with mental imbalance tend to get more disturbed during full moon or no moon days. Hence the astrologers have concluded that the lunar cycles do indeed have effect on the psychology and physiology of the living beings.

With respect to health, Chandra has effect on certain points like stomach, breast, phlegm, left eye, and most body parts. Ayurveda classifies the constitution of Chandra as Kapha.

Moon stone and natural pearls are the gemstones associated with Chandra. The metal associated is silver and the day is Monday. Rice is the food grain associated with Chandra.

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