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Dhanu Rashi

Dhanu Rashi is the ninth among the Rashis. Guru is the ruling planet of this Rashi and the element of this sign is Fire. It is symbolized by a bow and an arrow.

Dhanu Rashi is made up of whole of Moola, Poorvashada, and the first quarter of Uttarashadha Nakshatras.

Dhanu Rashi is known as one of the best Rashis as their positive points outnumber their weaker ones. The people belonging to the Dhanu Rashi are usually the centre points of their families. They always aim high in terms of their achievements and ambitions. They do everything majestically. They like to set high standards in all their jobs and attain them finally. They are courageous and have good perception skills. They have a great thirst for knowledge. They are very religious and have a happy go lucky attitude towards life. Their honesty comes through any profession that they enter. They are said to be very tolerant. They hate limitations and always like to dominate. Astrology, meditation, and yoga interest them to some extent.

They love to apply their knowledge and insight into their work. Their leadership qualities bring in lot of fans and admirers. They forgive and forget easily.

In marital relationships, they can have problems if they do not compromise and adjust. It is said that most of them are born in wealthy families and do not actually gain it through their efforts.

If you are looking for a handsome, athletic, and a trustworthy male partner, then Dhanu Rashi man is the right one for you. His well built structure enables him to be good at sports, horse riding, and so on. He is very loyal and sincere and performs his roles of a husband and a father well. But even a small thing might ignite his temper and become uncontrollable. His desire for neatness and orderliness is very strong. He completely believes in fair games and is far away from treachery.

In their physical appearance, the Dhanu Rashi born people are of short stature with a thick neck. They are usually characterized by a broad forehead and large nose. They must be careful about their hair loss. Their face reflects a warm welcome always which makes them appealing to all. They are great food lovers and cannot resist food with butter and desserts.

If you are looking for a generous, religious, and a jovial female partner, then Dhanu Rashi lady may be the ideal match for you. She is a very affectionate giver. She is always surrounded by friends as she is very kind, loyal, and forgiving. She ensures that she has a balanced diet that helps her lead a healthy and long life. She gives her best in whatever she does and most of times come out as a winner.

Yellow is the lucky colour for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Yellow Sapphire. Eight is the lucky number for Dhanu Rashi. The lucky days for Dhanu Rashi people are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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