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Guru - The Jupiter

In Hinduism, Guru is another name for the planet Jupiter. The word "Guru" actually means teacher. He is known as the Purohita of the Gods as he is considered to play the lead role in prayers and sacrifices to the Gods.

Brihaspathi is another name of Guru. The word "Brihaspathi" actually means the lord of prayer. He constitutes teaching, wisdom, and knowledge. As per the religious texts, he is the teacher of the Devas. He, in fact, is supposed to communicate with the Devas on behalf of the human beings.

Guru is personified as a person in yellow or golden color who holds a stick, lotus, and beads. Guru or Brihaspathi is said to be the son of Rishi Angirasa and Surupa. He has three wives – Shubha, Tara, and Mamatha. The scriptures state that he attained the position of Guru for Devas by performing vigorous penance for thousands of years and pleasing Lord Shiva. Because of this, he was granted the position of Guru as well the one among Navagrahas. The Brahmins, who belong to the Bharadhwaja Gitra, are believed to be the ascendants of Guru.

According to Vishnu Purana, he is said to be another form of Lord Brahma. A story exists that says that Guru was actually gave birth by the wife of Angirasa, who is known as the lord of sacrifices.

He is also known by other names like Brahmanaspati, Cura, Devaguru, and Bruhaspati. He is known for his works like Barhaspatya sutras.

Guru is revered as the teacher of HinduVedic astrology and astronomy. He is supposed to control all the planets including the Sun and the Moon. Every yajna that is performed is not complete without invoking Brihaspathi, the Guru of Devas. He penetrates through the enemies' forts easily.

Guru or Brihaspati is considered to be the teacher or the guide that leads you from darkness to light. He is the wise, just, and fair priest who bestows happiness and peace to everyone.

As per Vedic astrology, Guru is one planet that is very helpful for growth, learning, spirituality, and prosperity. If the horoscope contains the strong presence of Guru, then it indicates lot of positive attitude, inclination towards spirituality, faith, justice, and prosperity. A strong presence of Guru can be favourable to priests, teachers, philosophers, judges, lawyers, and any religious people. But if Guru is very strong in one's horoscope then it may lead to stagnation.

If the Guru has a weak presence in one's horoscope, then it could be problematic relationships with teachers. The search for a good teacher might be in vain in such cases. The weak position of Guru in the horoscope may bring a negative attitude towards life, forcing the person to become more materialistic.

The health points associated with Guru are liver, hips, obesity, liver, pancreas, tumors, and high cholesterol. Ayurveda classifies the constitution of Guru as Kapha.

Thursday is the day dedicated to Guru. The gem stones associated with Guru are Yellow Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, and Citrine.

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