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Kanya Rashi

Kanya Rashi is the sixth among the Rashis. It is symbolised by a virgin. Mangala is the ruling planet of this Rashi. The element of this sign is Earth.

Kanya Rashi comprises of the last three quarters of Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, and the first two quarters of Chitra Nakshatras.

It is said that of all the Rashis, the Kanya Rashi born are very careful and are extremely capable of handling unfavourable situations. They are very practical, intelligent, sensible, and rational. They make every move after giving it a thought. They are very methodical and through. They like to keep their things in the right places and may be particular about that. They will pay you rapt attention as you speak. At the same time, they may give you a very detailed explanation about everything. They are very observant and patient. Based on the position of Mangala in their horoscope, they can either give up things very easily or will persist until they attain perfection. Some times, they can get lazy and slow in doing things.

They just love to smile and walk as if they do not care for anyone. They usually are of good temperament and like leading normal and refined lives. They are shy and sensitive in nature. They do not reveal things about them very easily. They are shrewd people. They absolutely love travelling. They might end up acquiring wealth at the last phase of their lives.

They are very vigilant about their hard earned money. They might not become good investors as they will not get good returns. Most of the times, they may not get the expected remuneration for their hard work. They tend to come up in life not because of any luck but just out of sheer talent and hard work. They love speculation and hence might end up buying lottery. They can be harsh critics sometimes. They tend to indulge in self pity a lot.

A Kanya Rashi born usually has a slender, tall body, and a straight nose. They have a shrill voice and expressing eyes. They look younger than their real age most of the times. They may give a lot of attention towards their diet. Hence they enjoy great health and longevity. But the positions of different planets in their horoscopes may lead to dysentery and typhoid in some. They need to watch out for any problem in the nervous system and stomach.

If you are looking for an intellectual life partner rather than a romantic one, then the Kanya Rashi born could be ideal for you. They are very selective about their partners. They are not very passionate and their habit of picking faults might mar marital relationships. But they can cheer their partners easily by their kind and considerate words.

Green is the lucky colour for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Emerald. Five, two, seven, and six prove to be lucky numbers for Kanya Rashi. The lucky days for Kanya Rashi people are Wednesday and Friday.

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