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Karka Rashi

Karka, Kataka, or Karkataka is the fourth among the Rashis. A Crab is the symbol of this Rashi. Chandra rules this watery sign.

Kataka Rashi comprises of last quarter of Punarvasu, the whole of Pushya and Aashlesha Nakshatras.

The Kataka Rashi born people are adaptable and stubborn in nature. They are sensitive and dreamy people. Their sentimentality can some times go to the extreme. There is a sense of mystery around them. They are wonderful people to be with. They are conservative and love being introverts. They are not afraid of anything and hence speak out their mind which might not strike a chord with every one. Hence they prove to be good critics. They are a bit slow in their work.

They are very imaginative and poetic in nature. They love the magical world and are in touch with their sub consciousness. Hence they are very intuitive. They are one of the kindest souls around and cannot tolerate any type of cruelty near them. Patience is their virtue. But they can be hurt very easily.

They are great nature lovers and are in awe with water. They love going from place to place. They are mostly away from their native place. They yearn for a peaceful life. They are intelligent, proud, and virtuous. They are talkative some times and are good orators. They can shift moods rapidly right from joy to sorrow due to the influence of Chandra. They love luxuries of life and can strike a balance between the luxuries and piousness.

If you are looking for soft and a possessive male partner, then the Karka man is ideal for you. He can be a good husband and a good father. He expects a lot in turn for what he does. At times, he can be very philosophical.

If you are looking for a family loving female partner, then Kataka woman would be the ideal match for you. She is extremely devoted to her family, especially her kids and love talking about them. She can be an excellent host and is good at managing things. Anxiety can overpower her easily and she is prone to rheumatism and obesity easily.

Usually they have a round face and high protruding hips. They normally have long hands and feet. They are brisk in walking and love walks. They have soft bones. They tend to have moles, scars, or warts usually on the left side of their bodies. They are prone to gastric complaints, chest, and lung infections. Their health is a bit volatile as they are prone to sicknesses often. Obesity can be an issue with them.

People from the Kataka Rashi can become good poets, lovers, seafarers, lawyers, and criminologists. They are also proficient in performing arts like music, dance, and theatre.

White and Pink prove to be lucky to the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Pearl in Silver. Seven is the lucky number for Kataka Rashi. The lucky days for Kataka Rashi people are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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