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The ancient religious Hindu scriptures actually do not mention of Ketu anywhere. Ketu was first mentioned in Mahabharatha when the ocean of milk was churned for the search of Amritha or the immortal nectar. Ketu is the son of Viprasitti, who is a Danava, and Simhika. His brother is Maya Danava who himself is a great architect and magician.

The epic says that Rahu and Ketu are two parts of one Danava and are 180 degrees apart from one another. It is said that a solar or lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Sun and the Moon are in line with Rahu or Ketu. According to astronomy mentioned in the scriptures, Rahu and Ketu are two intersection points of the paths of Surya and Chandra during their transits. As eclipses occur at one of these points, a myth has originated that Surya and Chandra are actually swallowed by the snake. Ketu is known as the south lunar node.

Ketu is personified as the tail of the snake that was cut into half. He is often picturised as someone with a gem or a star on his head. He is a very powerful celestial body. In Hinduism, Ketu is often referred to as the shadow planet. Ketu is not as malefic as Rahu. Hence he is known as Moksha Karaka and is believed to bestow freedom from the cycle of life and death.

Ketu denotes ascetic nature, non-attachment to desires, ambitions, and spiritual mind. In fact, Ketu represents a sadhu or an ascetic who has renounced all the worldly pleasures and has set out in search of truth.

Just like Rahu, Ketu does not have an existence as a planet in the solar system. As he does not have a body, he denotes uncertain, unpredictable, and unexpected features. Ketu is a very intelligent entity and can be related to mathematics and other knowledge.

Ketu bestows wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and self awareness. The presence of Ketu in one's horoscope ensures psychic abilities, healing abilities, herbs, spices, food, ghosts, and extra astral forces. He also gives the ability to mingle well with the crowd and become one among them.

Sometimes, the position of Ketu may be such that the experiences in the previous births may cause rejection or dissatisfaction in the current life. Even though Ketu's effects may seem dangerous, they all help in the long run. Ketu has the power to provide the person with certain intuitions that could have been carried forward from one birth to another.

If Ketu is placed adversely in one's horoscope, then accidents, diseases, ruptures, or breaks may occur.

Monks, sages, psychics, and other people with special abilities have a predominant Ketu in their horoscopes. Hence Ketu is given lot of importance especially in the matter of spiritual evolution as it influences renunciation, detachment from the pleasures, and the eternal search for the truth and life.

The health points that may be affected by Ketu are psychic disorders, cancer, surgery, and radiation diseases. The gem stone associated with Ketu is Cat's Eye.

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