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Makara Rashi

Makara Rashi is the tenth among the Rashis. The ruling planet of this Rashi is Shani. The element of this sign is Earth. It is symbolized by an Alligator.

This Rashi comprises of the first three quarters of Uttarashad, whole of Shravan, and two quarters of Dhanishta Nakshatras.

The people of Makara Rashi are known to be the original, unlike any other Rashi. They are stable and serious people. They set high goals for themselves as they are very ambitious. They take it hard when they fail to accomplish these goals. They can be very critical of themselves then. At the same time, they can prove to be harsh critics of others too. They might come across as obstinate some times, delicate, and gentle during the other times. They may come across as different individuals in their personal and public lives. By nature, they are very adaptable type of people.

Their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. They will want to know everything about a topic and will not miss out even the smallest detail. Once the topic interests them, they will not rest until they master it. They are known to be walking encyclopaedias as they have knowledge about everything and anything. They are known to have strong will power.

They love large families. At the same time, they can be introverts and be very reserved. They might make some life long enemies and rivals. At the same time, their intuition and strategic power can leave the rivals dumbfounded. They are totally fearless.

If you are looking for a male partner who will stand out in the crowd and who is principled and fearless, then the Makara Rashi man is the ideal match for you. They are very pious and will not combine their religious values with their work. They may come across as aloof and cold sometimes. But they are known to be adorable husbands and fathers. They are very frugal and like to remain self dependent. Because of this, they may be termed as misers many a times.

If you are looking for a smart, independent, self-assured female partner, then the Makara Rashi woman is the perfect partner for you. She is frugal and knows exactly where the money is. She is a perfect businesswoman and has a thing for taking up new ventures. She has a very strong will power. She can be a perfect daughter due to her being responsible and obedient. Sometimes, she brings out her independent views through music even though her staunchness may not be appreciated by all.

The Makara born people usually have a thin stature with a long neck. They are known to speak with a monotonous tone. They are prone to allergies, back problems, and hypertension.

Black and Blue prove to be lucky for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstones recommended are Diamond and Blue Sapphire. Eight and six are the lucky numbers for Makara Rashi. The lucky days for Makara Rashi people are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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