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Mangala - The Mars

Mangala or the Mars planet is known as the commander in Vedic astrology. Mangala is identified as the lord of war.

He is personified as a four-armed lord in red who carries a trishula, lotus, mace, and a spear. He is usually seen riding a ram. His eyes are blood red and fierce. He has a slender body and youthful appearance.

Various names of Mangala are as follows:

  • Kuja
  • Angaraka
  • Bhauma

Mangala is said to be the son of Bhumi or the Earth. The story of his birth says that Mangala actually originated from the drops of perspiration of Lord Shiva. The responsibility of bringing him up was handed over to Bhumi, the Earth Goddess.

He is usually associated with fire, accident, wounds, anger, rudeness, injuries, and war. Hence many astrologers consider Mangala a cruel graha.

Even though mostly Mangala is associated with war and aggression, he could also propagate positive energy especially during times of obstacles if he is placed in the right position. Else, he may prove to be destructive by causing accidents, injuries, and wounds. Mangala represents ego, confidence, motivation, impulsiveness, strength, determination, bluntness, and adventure.

Mangala is believed to bestow wealth and take away debts. He gets rid of one'e enemies, illnesses, and difficulties. Mangala is one planet who is associated with the brother and hence the name Bhatrukaraka. Mangala also represents skills in the fields of technology, mechanics, mathematics, sports, medicine, surgery, and military. It indicates explosions, fires, and blood pressure too.

Mangala plays a great role in terms of marriage as it represents husband, passion, and marital relationship. It is strongly believed that if Mangala is in second, fourth, seventh, or eight house in one's horoscope, then it will cause a problem in finding a suitable match for the person. Now it is still debated if a person can be rejected as a suitable match just because of the position of Mangala in a horoscope. Of course, there are various ways to appease Mangala in case of any dosha.

As per the Vedic astrology, Mangala is dominant in Mesha and Vrischika rashi. He is at the highest point in Makara rashi and hits the lowest in Kataka rashi.

It is said that if Mangala is strong in a horoscope, then the person is characterized by courage, self-control, and warrior attitude. Such a person would be optimistic, dominant, dynamic, and ebullient in life.

At the same time if it is in weak position, then it indicates the loss of energy, either mentally or physically. Muscular weakness may also be seen. In such cases, physical exercise seems to be a good solution.

The health points that Mangala seems to affect are bone marrow, muscles, head, vigor, testicles, and virility. Ayurveda classifies the constitution of Mangala as Pitta.

The gem stone recommended for Mangala is Red Cora. The direction that is usually associated with Mangala is South. Tuesday is the day of Mangala. Masoor dal or red lentils are the food grains associated with Mangala.

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