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Meena Rashi

Meena Rashi is the last among the Rashis. It is symbolized by two fishes. Guru is the ruling planet of this Rashi. The element of this sign is Water.

Meena Rashi comprises of the last quarter of Poorvabhadrapada, whole of Uttarabhadrapada, and Revati Nakshatras.

People belonging to Meena Rashi are truthful, innocent, logical, and simple. They have a commanding personality. At the same time, they have soft speaking skills and a pleasant face. They might not make that big impression on you but they will not let you forget them too. They easily trust people. Their love for mankind is popular. They like to befriend famous people. They are meticulous in nature and take decisions only after pondering over them for some time. Some times they may come across as very courageous and some times very timid. They might have to face some grave situations in the initial phases of their lives. They might earn some lump sums unexpectedly. They start earning their livelihood quite early compared to other Rashis. Guru, their ruling planet, blesses them with his benevolence and helps them earn success in whatever they take up.

They are very easy going and hence become popular. They are happiest in the company of people. Their calmness and cool nature attracts friends. They are very tolerant and do not lose their cool even during the pressure. At the same time, they can be very easily moved to tears. Their compassion comes across when they forget and forgive very easily. They tend to engage themselves in their quest of spirituality.

They are non opinionated and frank. They can be intuitive and imaginative. They are good at speculation. They love travelling.

They tend to get lazy and careless. They make very good loving partners in marriages. They are extremely devoted to family, kids, and give away lots of love.

Because of their inclination towards art, Meena Rashi born people become very good artists in performing arts. They can also become good writers.

The Meena Rashi born people are well built and have a long nose. They tend to have pale complexion and beautiful eyes.

Meena Rashi people might face health problems like ulcers, gas, and intestinal problems. They should avoid excess oily food. They should drink more water.

If you are looking for a benevolent and a not-so-bossy male partner, then Meena Rashi man is the right one for you. He finds it difficult to say no to any one and is devoted to his service to the humanity. He enjoys doing service without any expectation or appreciation.

If you are looking for a selfless, devoted, and spiritual female partner, then Meena Rashi lady is an ideal match for you. She does not complain much and usually works behind the scenes. She is very inspiring and helpful. She is a great lover of arts.

White and Yellow prove to be lucky for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Yellow Sapphire in Gold. Three is the lucky number for Meena Rashi. The lucky day for Meena Rashi people is Thursday.

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