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Mesha Rashi

Mesha is the first among the Rashis. It is a sign symbolised by Ram. Mangala rules this Rashi and Fire is the element.

The janma nakshatras included under Mesha Rashi are Ashwini, Bharani, and first quarter of Krittika.

The Mesha Rashi born people are usually strong built and are of medium height. They believe in fewer words and often have smiling faces. They have sharp eyes reflecting aggressiveness. They love their food and they take the full advantage of their healthy digestive system. They love spicy food and are addicted to urban life.

People born under Mesha Rashi are seen to have leadership qualities and set examples in the society. They love their freedom. Their main characteristics are leadership, determination, energy, ebullience, strong will, and self respect. They believe in getting to the top through hard work. They overcome obstacles easily with the help of their ruling planet, Mangala. They are always well equipped to face any physical or mental challenge. They are highly ambitious. They easily make lots of money.

They are also seen as short tempered and a bit impatient. They are fiercely loyal and sincere about their family and friends. They could be a bit self-centred and love themselves a lot. They will never compromise on anything and hence unwilling to sacrifice. Mesha Rashi people absolutely do not understand teamwork and are willing to handle everything themselves. They are not very much into sentimental stuff and might possessive lovers suffocating. There are chances of confrontation and altercation when moon passes through the sign.

They are some times viewed as very headstrong and fickle minded people. Their blind religious faith might sometimes be irritable to few. Knees could be their weak point and they better watch out for that. They could be claustrophobic or hydrophobic. They may be prone to blood diseases and some skin diseases. They are also prone to vision impairment if they have bad reading habits, especially like reading on bed.

They enjoy debates and are truthful. They are absolutely capable of organizing events and handling big establishments. The people belonging to Mesha Rashi can become good lawyers, writers, engineers, politicians, scientists, and businessmen.

One might find men from Mesha Rashi very passionate. The men from this Rashi love travelling places and often change their residences.

If you want your woman to be forthright and ambitious, then a woman from Mesha Rashi might appeal to you. Women from Mesha Rashi tend to worry too much which in turn might affect their health system. Their husbands usually might seem meek as the Mesha Rashi women tend to be authoritative. They like to give a lot to the community that they belong to.

For Mesha Rashi people, the names are recommended to start from Chu, Chey, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Loo, Ley, Lo, and Ae.

Red is the lucky colour for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Coral. Nine is the lucky number for Mesha Rashi. The lucky days for Mesha Rashi people are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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