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Mithuna Rashi

Mithuna Rashi is the third among the Rashis. Mithuna is symbolised by a couple. It is governed by Mangala and the element of the sign is Air. This Rashi comprises of the last two quarters of Mrigashira, whole of Ardra and the first three quarters of Punarvasu Nakshatras.

The people belonging to Mithuna Rashi are highly intelligent and bright. They are very shrewd and alert. They have great thirst for knowledge and reach perfection in arts, sports, and science. Suppose they are unable to get their hands on to something, they ensure that they at least have some knowledge about it. Hence they are termed as wise and creative people. Their relation with logic is excellent and can speak on various topics effortlessly. They make their brilliance and wit their weapons and come out of any difficult situation easily. They have lot of originality but they see it to it that they are expressed very subtly which can be maddening to the other person sometimes.

The Mithuna Rashi people born are warm and sensitive. But at the same time, they can remain detached which could confuse their partners often. They are usually at the extremes- either too involved or too detached. The couple symbolises their expertise in sexual relationships and sexual fantasies. The Vrishabha Rashi individual might be found very attractive by the opposite sex because of their flirting nature too. They can be very cunning and selfish at times.

They can become good lawyers, teachers, politicians, doctors, and artists. Whatever job they undertake, they are sure to achieve great heights in the given field as they are very talented.

The physical condition of Mithuna born people will be very good. They can either be great food lovers or they can actually hate their food. Alcohol is a total no-no for these people. They have a tendency of becoming anaemic. Some of them could be prone to asthma and respiratory problems. They should avoid cold food. Yoga and meditation work best for them.

If you wish to be a loving house wife and take care of the family, then the Mithuna Rashi man is ideal for you. He is a very needy person and will be more than happy if you can respond to him all the time.

If you are looking for a career oriented female partner, then Mithuna Rashi lady is the ideal match for you. Home making just does not appeal to her and she would prefer drowning herself in more and more books. She is a total tomboy and can charm you with her boyish yet cute looks.

The names for Mithuna Rashi should ideally begin with Ka, Ca, Ki, Ke, Ku, Cu, Koo, Coo, Gha, Yan, Cha, Chh, Kay, Kew, Ko, and Ha. Green is the lucky colour for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Emerald. Five is the lucky number for Mithuna Rashi. The lucky days for Mithuna Rashi people are Wednesday and Friday.

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