Numerology is a very close belief, systematic practice, tradition, or esoteric acquaintance amidst numbers and living things or physical entities. Numerology is an art that is quite familiar and exists for about 10,000 years. Numerology professionals never make research to predict your mental events, but they describe and disclose the enshrouded truths and beliefs of yourself. Numerology is merely similar to a numerical assessment of an individual.

While considering the numerological divination and numerology, they were greatly familiar amidst the early mathematicians like Pythagoras. But, this numerological method of practice was no more conceived as a component of mathematics and most recent scientists described them as pseudo mathematics. This method of description is quite similar to comparing the growth of chemistry out of alchemy and astronomy from astrology. These days, numerology is referred and connected with mystical occult, beside astrology and other divinatory artworks.

The principle theme of numerology is merely simple! Every letter of the English alphabet holds its own numeral. Every single letter coining your name, where you dwell, where your schooling was, and several other actions involved in your everyday life will be in closed together. Calculating the number name of the individual, the behavior and attitude of person will be measured. Basically, numerology is the simplest method of making choices of what is good and what is bad about life and well being. Numerology helps to understand the cause of situation that you have experienced!

Numerology is a method of foretelling your future actions and it is a perfect guide and empowers to lead your life in a better way. The basic ascendant of numerology was tracked and practiced more by the Egypt and Babylonia. With the latest advancement, numerology is gaining its own reputation and recognition.

You all might have a query that, how numerology actually works? Here is the exact answer for your query… All things in the world resonate with their unique exact frequencies. If you clearly get to know the vibration ratio of any particular object, it is merely simple to demonstrate the quality and the level of energy that is consorted with. Implementing the same concept here in numerology, it works with the basic measuring of your name and date of birth. This measuring will greatly help the numerology person to ascertain the frequency and wavelength of several different individuals. A right and perfect numerological research and analysis on manipulating the frequency rate cearly assists in providing information about an individual's character, behavior, and personality.

The principle of operation, which is implemented in Numerology is that, all the numerals will be decreased through easy addition. For instance, consider the numeral 1985 this number will be reduced with the method of adding 1+ 9 + 8 + 5 and gives 23. Further 23 will be reduced by summing up as 2 + 3 to give 5.

A celestial body is perceived to rule the solar system. Some astrologers believe that the numbers zero to nine are ruled in the same way. The different numbers are given different interpretations. The one presented below is the most accepted among modern astrologers although some concepts still present contradict some of its ideas.

Pluto rules the number 0. It is regarded as a complex number because of its many transforming and regenerating characteristics.

The Sun governs number 1. This number is said to be very egocentric and aloof.

The moon rules number 2. This number is characterized as a very cooperative, emotive, and empathetic personality. Generally speaking, number two is related to everything that has to do with relationships.

Jupiter rules number 3 and the astrological feature of the trine. Educated, wise, and joyful is the number 3. Monetary gains and losses are often associated with the said number. Both good and bad things may come easily to the number three because of its free flowing energy. Be careful though because if 3 is your dominant number, money can come and go as easily.

Uranus and the Sun rules number 4. Number 4 is perplexed and unconventional. If number 4 is dominant in you, give importance to invention and ingenuity in dealing with situations.

Mercury rules the number 5. It is very outspoken and smart. Deception on the contrary could be involved because the number 5 has to do primarily with communication and speaking. Checking the facts not once but twice or even thrice is best advised to this number. Adjustments too ought to be made in order for the number to fit in with other numbers.

Six and Venus are closely related. Art and music, harmony, and pleasantry are the most common characteristics of the number. Just like with number 2, relationships are important in number 6 in a more diplomatic and tactful perspective. Money is also regarded with utmost importance to this number. Success comes easy to the people in close connection with six.

The moon and Neptune equally rule the number 7. The number isn't limited by the restraints of the world and is also a very religious number. The digit is related to shamans, prophets, and psychics. The digit is also linked with optimism; despair can easily be noticeable in itself when ones expectations of others and goals are not met. This number has many strange or illusory characteristics to it.

Saturn rules the digit 8. Its many shortcomings and limitations need to be surpassed in order for the number to become successful. Experience is the best teacher for individuals under this number. The lessons they ought to learn are not always easy but are necessary for them to succeed in the future.

The number 9 is ruled by the planet Mars. The number tends to overpower and control all the other numbers. It is very stable making it the ideal number when one aims to build strong foundations.

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