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The ancient religious Hindu scriptures actually do not mention of Rahu anywhere. Rahu is first mentioned in Mahabharatha when the ocean of milk is churned for the search of Amritha or the immortal nectar. Rahu drank a bit of Amritha. But before he could actually swallow it, Vishnu in the form of Mohini beheaded Rahu. The head remained immortal though. Rahu is the son of Viprasitti, who is a Danava, and Simhika. His brother is Maya Danava who himself is a great architect and magician.

Rahu is said to be the naughty child of Maya and thus is notoriously known for its mayavi nature. He is also known as the advisor of demons.

The epic says that Rahu and Ketu are two parts of one Danava and are 180 degrees apart from one another. It is said that a solar or lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Sun and the Moon are in line with Rahu or Ketu. In zodiac, Rahu is the point where Surya and Chandra will cross each other. If, during their transitions, Surya and Chandra meet at Rahu, then the eclipse occurs. Rahu's main trait is the seizing of the light that happens during any eclipse. According to astrology mentioned in the scriptures, Rahu and Ketu are two intersection points of the paths of Surya and Chandra during their transit. As eclipses occur at one of these points, a myth has originated that Surya and Chandra are actually swallowed by the snake. Rahu is also known as the north lunar node.

In fact, Rahu will not find any place in the solar system as it is not a planet. But his position in space has been mathematically estimated. It exerts a major influence in the field of astrology. It is a powerful celestial body.

Rahu represents fears, obsessions, dissatisfactions, ambitions, and unconscious desires. It also denotes the unresolved issues that one has carried from the previous birth and has been acting in the current birth. Rahu can affect a person's nature by inducing anxiety and dangerous behaviour. Momentarily, the effect of Rahu may seem painful and tough to endure. But in the long run, good effects are realised.

Rahu's position in a horoscope is important. It symbolises hypersensitivity, strong desires, dissatisfaction, and absolute restlessness. Rahu could denote prestige, status, power, success, obsession, addiction, poison, medicine, drugs, alcohol, and worldly desires.

Rahu plays an important role in stimulating desires, especially unexplainable ones. Such desires can lead to fantasies, unrealistic expectations, dreams, compulsive behaviour, and addictions.

Rahu is said to influence the whole society. The astrological experts say that Rahu can initiate spiritual energy and psychological wisdom. The right channeling of such knowledge can actually lead to the awakening of Kundalini, which is the inner power.

The health points on which Rahu exerts influence are hormonal imbalance, suicidal tendency, insomnia, hysteria, nervous disorder, addictions, depressions, and cancer.

The gem stone that is associated with Rahu is Hessonite Garnet (Gomedha).

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