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Shani - The Saturn

In Hinduism, Shani is another name for the planet Saturn. It is said that Shani actually takes thirty years to revolve around the sun and is slow and hence the name.

Shani has various names as follows:

  • Shani Bhagavan
  • Shaneesvara
  • Shani Deva
  • Shanaishwar
  • Chaayaputra

Shani is the son of Surya and Chaaya. He is the elder brother of Yama. Some scriptures state that Shani is the son of Shiva. Shani is said to be a very good teacher.

Shani is personified as a dark person dressed in black who is mounted on a crow. He holds two daggers, a sword, and arrows.

Shani seems to have a cruel effect on those who betrayful and revengeful people. Shani is said to bestow rewards as well as punishments for one's good and bad deeds through the lifetime. According to religious stories, as soon as Shani opened his eyes soon after his birth, the solar eclipse occurred. Hence Shani is said to have a great impact on one's horoscope. In fact, astrologers term him as the one who creates great harm as well as the one who makes wishes come true.

Astrologers recommend the worshipping of Hanuman as the best remedy to appease Shani. A story says that Hanuman saved Shani during a battle and hence as a thankful gesture, Shani promised that anyone who would pray to Hanuman on Saturdays would be released of the bad effects of Shani.

Sade Sathi is one of the important states caused by Shani when he transits through the twelfth, first, and second houses from the moon sign. This state stays for seven and a half years and is supposed to be a testing period for people who ever go through it. Astrologers have given various solutions to this state.

The proper placement of Shani is something that all the believers of astrology hope for. If Shani is placed properly then strong career, healthy life, and lot of positivity can be seen. The strong positioning of Shani denotes austerity, responsibility, self discipline, and the endurance to take on things easily. But on the other hand, if it is badly placed then all the above may be lost. Lot of things might get postponed or delayed.

The strong position of Shani could lead to politicians, hard workers, servants, and ascetic people.

Shani is said to be a tough task master. He ensures that one works hard enough for any goal to be accomplished. He demands self discipline and self purification. In a way, Shani helps a person to evolve as more mature and a spiritual person.

Shani is usually thought of as a judge. It is said that he judges people based upon their karma. If a person is righteous then Shani will be fair to him.

The health points that Shani has an impact are gastritis, bones, teeth, osteoporosis, cancer, premature aging, and concentration. Ayurveda classifies the constitution of Shani as Vata.

Saturday is the day of Shani. The gem stones associated with Shani are Blue Sapphire and Amethyst.

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