Vastu Gemstone

Gemstones are actually recommended based on one's horoscope in the vedic astrology. People consider this as vastu and believe that wearing such stones would get over the obstacles in one's chart and bring them good luck and happiness in their life. The causes for lack of success or distressed relationships can be merely astrological. It is believed that wearing a particular gemstone would restore one's career and love life and hence deliver satisfying relationship.

Gemstones strike the harmful energy area that flows out from every living organism where one's energetic and excited habits, belief systems, and thought patterns reside. The energy practice flowing out a gem directly strikes one's mental and emotional energies and later to some period this encourages ever-lasting changes. In fact, the perfect usage of gems is necessary to an extent. They are categorized in to two types such as the hot and cold. Hot gems include the Diamond, Cat's eye, Red Coral, and Ruby whereas the Cold gems comprise of the Topaz, Pearl, Gomed, and Blue Sapphire.

Gemstones are selected in order to maximize the efficiency or discharge the deficiency. However, these gems which are remedial stones, act in two different ways with the first one being the spectrum effect and the other being the radioactive effect. Gems keep on vibrating with its power continuously which is acquired in the individual atmosphere, when a ring is worn. Hence, the surrounding air protects harmful vibrations from external sources by having a power to resist. Before a person wear's a gem stone, it must be ensured that it is purified by wetting it with lime water, salt water, raw milk, turmeric water, and at the end with holy water severally.

There are lots of questions arising in the minds of readers regarding wearing a gem stone. The first question would be "what is the major difference from an astrological gemstones and the others that we get in big malls or jewelers?

The difference is that the gemstones from big shops would be mostly treated, stimulated, dyed, or polished in a lab to appeal more while the astrological gemstones are not cosmetic but remedial and are not treated or dyed to create brilliance. Also people ask how a piece of rock helps them out! They can be explained with a fine example. We notice a doctor operating on us with a knife or needle and technically speaking they are metal pieces. Similarly, the correct knowledge can change a rock in to a best advantageous life guards. These gemstones act as booster and conductor of cosmic energy similar to panel of solar energy. The perfect gemstones would acquire the needed cosmic energy in order to stabilize one's system. Constantly, the cosmic energies are being absorbed by one's body cells and the gemstones function as conductors and fertilizers for one's energies and cells.

The major question arises when one wishes to know what kind of gemstone would be suitable for them. To find out the suitable gemstone, one has to provide with his/her date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth to the astrologers. Hence, vastu gemstones play a very important role in strengthening one's career or any work related to them. They are indeed beneficial and perfectly matching gems need to be used for effective results.

Many vastu consultants and astrologers offer gemstone horoscope reports or gemstone astrology reports that are helpful in finding a suitable gem stone.

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