Vastu Pyramid

What does a vastu pyramid signify? Pyramids truly mean an energy nucleus that is highly powerful and the crucial thing is that it can never be changed or modified by any energy contacts. This is how the Egyptian pyramids have the ability to restore the dead body cells completely free from decay for many number of years while it is commonly experienced that the human body as well as any form of life starts getting decayed within few hours of death.

Vastu Shastra is an architectural science, and is based on the energy, exhaling from different sources. It is entirely about directions and plays a major role in the construction of building or any other structures. Energy penetrates in to the nature and all our lives depend on it. Moreover, energy is the basic factor that rules all forms of life on the Earth. Also, this energy either takes a positive or negative approach. Vastu that are done correct exhibit a positive energy, while an incorrect vastu results in the negative energy. However, corrections can be done by counterbalancing the negative energies by firm positive energy diverging devices such as the energized vastu pyramids.

The term 'Pyramid' has been described in Greek with 'Pyro' meaning fire (energy) and 'Amid' meaning middle (center or nucleus). Pyramids, take a form of structure with slanting sides meeting at the top. Pyramids that create energy help in the correction or alteration of vastu. These structures exhibit positive energy and neutralize the negative energy that is caused amongst any of the premises due to the incorrect vastu. Pyramid reproductions that are related on the measurements of the huge Egyptian pyramids are great sources of contribution in generating energy for the healing process. Vastu Shastra is actually a vedic architecture that combines the ayurvedic science and astrology by connecting them with human lives. On the other hand, 'Vastu' integrates the magnetic fields of the Earth and other celestial bodies with cosmic rays play a very significant role in the happiness of family life and success of the business.

However, the vastu pyramids are considered the best when installed in the middle of a room, house, or any other energetic key point. As they are powerful, they can correct the vastu defects to a higher degree without even conducting any analysis. Such pyramids can be of any material, shape, or size as the selection would completely depend upon the need. For example wooden pyramids are best suited for depression while marble pyramids are ideal for digestive system.

Living in the home or office having done vastu corrections complying with the nature's law dearly ensures general well being, happiness, and prosperity of the occupant. Modern sciences fail to describe the effects of vastu in today's world of growing urbanization, dearth of space, hectic life, and more vitally the erect sense of falseness. It is in fact very important to have explanation of the effects before constructing a home or office.

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