Vedic Astrology

The very old system of Indian astronomy and astrology is called Jyotisa. The origin is from ancient Sanskrit language, where Jyothi means flame or light, and ish means divine being, hence meaning "Lord of the light". Other accepted English spellings are Jyotish and Jyotisha. Vedic astrology, otherwise known as Indian astrology or Hindu astrology is divided into three aspects.

A. Siddhanta or Siddhant is Indian Astronomy & its relevance to astrology.

B. Samhita involves mundane astrology or political astrology, which foretells upcoming incidents concerning a country like impending war, tremors, political events, financial affairs, and electional astrology.

C. Hora has several sub-branches or styles of predictive astrology some of which are the following:

  1. Hora Shastra or Jataka Shastra - is natal astrology/genethliacal astrology that predicts a person's future based on the exact date, time, and location of one's birth.
  2. Muhurta or Muhurtha - concerns with electional astrology, which focuses mainly on finding the most positive time to start an activity to maximize gains.
  3. Swara Shastra - is phonetical astrology that foretells based on name and sounds.
  4. Prashna - is horary astrology that foretells based on based on the exact time an inquiry was made.
  5. Ankjyotish or Kabala - is numerology, an aspect of astrology based on numbers.
  6. Naadi Jothidam - Nadi astrology comes from Tamil Nadu, India, which is based on the principle that in ancient times, the past, present, and the future lives of all human beings were foreseen by Hindu sages on Palm leaves.
  7. Tajika Shastra or Varsha Phal - is an annual horoscopy, a branch of astrology based on annual activity of the sun.
  8. Jaimini Sutras - is a manner of timing events based on the famous Indian astrologer Jaimini.
  9. Nastjatakam - is lost horoscopy, the art of tracking down lost horoscopes.
  10. Streejataka - is female astrology, an exclusive branch of astrology for giving birth.

The foundation of Jyotisha is from bandhu of the vedas or scriptures, which is the connection between the world on a small scale and the totality of all existing things in the universe. The practice of Jyotisha mainly dependent on the visual or sidereal zodiac, opposite from western astrology which uses the tropical zodiac.

Vedic Astrology includes several sub systems for interpretations and predictions, one of which is nakshatras, a system of lunar mansions. The nakshatras are used in choosing the luckiest times of day or month for activities.

Babies are given names based on jyotish charts. Decisions regarding marriage, starting a business, or moving into a new dwelling place are affected by these principles. It is even considered a branch of science in India by virtue of judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court in 2001. Astrology continues to influence the lives of Hindu people today.

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