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Vrischika Rashi

Vrischika Rashi is the eighth among the Rashis. Budha is the ruling planet of this Rashi. The element of this sign is Water. Vrischika Rashi is symbolised by a scorpion.

The sign comprises of the last quarter of Vishakha, whole of Anuradha, and Jyeshta Nakshatras.

The people belonging to this Rashi have magnetic personality with an aura of mystery around them. They are very honest, truthful, loyal, trustworthy, and sincere. They are very reserved and secretive. They come across as serious people. They are very intelligent and wise people. They are dynamic in nature and love peace. They have a special ability for businesses. They have the ability to read your thoughts before they react to them. That is why the astrologers state that people from Vrischika Rashi are born spies and have tremendous energy. But they say that it is important to use this energy in the right direction. Else there are chances that they may be misused. At the same time, they are very helpful and engage in lot of social work.

They are very confident and courageous people. The Vrishcik Rashi born admit their mistakes if any very humbly. In addition, they will take the steps to correct them. They are very non-interfering types. They like to stay aloof. They do not interfere in others' businesses and they expect the same regarding theirs. They like to live on their own terms as they do not like to be ordered around. They are very frank and blunt and do not resort to diplomacy. They can tend to get jealous some times.

They are fiercely loyal to their family and friends. They will not think twice if they have to make sacrifices for their loved ones. At the same time, they will be ready to sting you if they feel that the feelings are not genuine. The astrologers advise them to keep their fangs in control as they might cause a lot of damage. They like to weigh the pros and cons before they take up anything new. They may have a calm exterior but they could be bursting with emotions inside. For them, the loss of affection from others may result in financial loss.

The Vrischika Rashi people are usually of average build and can put on weight easily. They have a piercing stare and a thick nose. They are prone to weakness, lung problems, and paralysis. They need to maintain calm and a peaceful mind for their good health. They should be wary of any addiction. They might face problems in relationships with their siblings.

If you are looking for a mysterious and a magnetic male partner, then a Vrischika male would be suitable for you. He buries deep secrets and is often aggressive behind that cool exterior. He can be very vindictive as he never forgets and forgives easily.

Technology, defence, and chemicals interest Vrischika Rashi.

Deep red is lucky colour for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Coral. Nine is the lucky number for Vrischika Rashi. The lucky days for Vrischika Rashi people are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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