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Vrishabha Rashi

Vrishabha Rashi is the second Rashi. It is symbolised by a Bull. Shukra is the ruling planet of this Rashi and the element of this sign is Earth. Vrishabha Rashi comprises of the last three quarters of Krittika, Rohini, and the first two quarters of Mrigashira.

The Vrishabha Rashi born people have an attractive personality with a beautiful face and appealing eyes. They have a great physique and curly hair.

They have a fine sense of judgement and are known to be kind-hearted and cheerful. People from Vrishabha tend to stick to their routine closely. You can find them upset if their routine is disturbed any time. They are the most stable people in the society. They rarely lose their temper and do not care about the consequences of their actions. They manage to retain their patience even during times of adversity and hence sometimes referred to as the pillar of any society. They withstand any sort of trauma and remain unperturbed in all the critical situations. They might have to go through some struggle in the initial phase of their lives. But finally, they settle down and lead a content life.

Most of them have an inclination towards any kind of art. They can be found to appreciate music, dance, theatre, and paintings. They love their food and that some times can affect their health. They are very good hosts and guests love them.

The people belonging to Vrishabha Rashi can be a bit possessive. They earn the title of misers because of their frugalness.

They like to lead a quiet life. They are extremely religious and stick to their conservative values. One may find them deeply engaged in spiritual activities like prayer and meditation. They do not chase their ambitions fiercely and strongly believe in the role of destiny in their lives. They are fearless like the bull that constitutes their sign. They do not mind the hard work but require appreciation for each and every small step that they take.

As Shukra is the ruling planet, Vrishabha Rashi born people are bestowed with wealth. They can become good teachers, artists, mechanics, and farmers.

They are prone to cough and cold. But usually because of their happy and peaceful nature, they maintain their health well.

If you are looking for reliable and a thrifty male partner, then the Vrishabha born man is good enough for you. He is absolutely a family man and will be generous with his near and dear ones. But sometimes he can tend to be so lazy that you actually have to push him for a task that needs to be done.

This Vrishabha lady can charm you off your feet. She is very loving towards her husband and respectful towards her elders. She adores dresses, ornaments and perfumes. On the other hand, she can be a book lover too. Her softness tends to attract people towards her.

White and multi-colours prove to be lucky for the people belonging to this Rashi. The gemstone recommended is Diamond. Six is the lucky number for Vrishabha Rashi. The lucky days for Vrishabha Rashi people are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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